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This Week in Future Startup: No.08

FS weekly review is back after a short unannounced break. Enjoy the recap of the week. 

1. Recap of the past few weeks.

a) Read our interviews with who and who of Dhaka's tech entrepreneurship under the series Possible if You Want, powered by Grameenphon here. We interviewed ISHO founder Rayana Hossain under the founder at Work Series. Published a fascinating follow-up interview with Zantrik founder on Zantrik's transition and the ambition going forward. I have taken on a challenge: writing 100 essays in 100 days and published a number of pieces under the challenges. You can read a few of the pieces here, here, here, and here. We published an interview with Accelerating Asia founder Amra Naidoo under the Life's Work series. More essays from me on ecommerce, stress management, and mending our inner wounds.

2. Frontier Nutrition: Fighting Malnutrition, One Delicious Snack at a Time

Eddie and Tanvir came to realize that a lack of basic nutrition was a major risk to the future of Bangladesh. “Despite rising income and increased consumption of snacks, millions of Bangladeshi families lack access to affordable and nutritious foods,” Eddie says. Frontier Nutrition was eventually born in 2016 out of this collaboration between Tanveer and Eddie. Read the essay here.

3. What is Your Key Metric

One founder I know asks the same question every day waking up and at the end of the day: what is my revenue today. One fatal mistake early-stage founders make is playing not making a strict decision regarding what they should measure. Read the essay here.

4. Boring

The most important things in business and in life are boring. Selling things is boring. Maintaining relationships is boring. Building your product, fixing bugs, iterating the same feature, talking to customers – these all are boring tasks. In fact, the most substantial and long term trends are boring. Read the essay here.

5. Inside Pickaboo’s Online-Offline Strategy to Become Country’s Largest Gadget Hub

Pickaboo, one of the leading ecommerce players in Dhaka, has made a successful foray into physical retail. In the first quarter of 2020, the company opened nine retail outlets in Dhaka. In 2020, Pickaboo aims to open 20 retail outlets. The company currently has a presence in nine locations in the country. By 2021, Pickaboo aims to have 150+ retail points across the country for mobile and gadgets. Put together with its online commerce operation, Pickaboo aims to become the largest multi-brand omnichannel retail chain for mobile and gadgets in Bangladesh. Read the essay here.

6. Suggestions: three books for this week 

  • Reboot: Leadership and the art of growing up by Jerry Colona
  • What matters most by James Hollis
  • Breaking addiction by Lance M. Dodes

5. Special Announcement: Future Startup Partners with Digivizer

1/ We’re excited to share with you all that we have entered into an exciting partnership with Australia-based Social Technology Company Digivizer to bring you fascinating articles, research, and insights into the ever-changing world of digital marketing and communication.

2/ Under the collaboration, FS and Digivizer will jointly publish insightful analysis on how companies can design and implement winning digital strategies across channels and generate excellent results.

3/ We also plan to bring you exciting deals and offers from Digivizer to access their digital products in the future.

4/ You can read the first article of our collaboration here.

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