Zantrik’s Ambitious Transition to Standardizing Automotive Maintenance Industry in Bangladesh With Al-Farooque Shubho, Founder and CEO, Zantrik

Zantrik’s Ambitious Transition to Standardizing Automotive Maintenance Industry in Bangladesh With Al-Farooque Shubho, Founder and CEO, Zantrik

Zantrik Founder and CEO, Al-Farooque Shubho, discusses Zantrik’s transition to a new business model, the behind the scene of a successful pivot, developing strong competitive moats, how to develop processes that work, the importance of withholding yourself from taking action in order to see the bigger picture, the importance of reflection, and much more. 

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

Initially, we thought that releasing an app and connecting customers with garages are the solution. But that was not the solution. Because most customers have garages they know. Yes, they could take services comfortably using an app but the quality assurance problem was not getting addressed. That’s when we realized that probably we were trying to solve the symptoms, not the root problem. We realized that by solving symptoms we would not be able to move forward. We then did some studies to find some models through which we could solve the pain points of both garages and customers. 

We tried to come up with a model that would solve the root problems of these two parties. We designed a Zantrik Standard model, which would standardize some garages with a standard service model. These garages will have unified decorations. Anyone will be able to spot that this is a Zantrik garage. These garages will have a standard pricing chart which will have all the pricing of car-related work listed on it. If you go to one of our Zantrik garage nobody will be able to deceive you. The price for a certain solution is standard across these garages.

We have made some important decisions to engage customers and become part of their daily needs. We have worked hard to identify where customers face severe problems. 

Companies don’t need to pay us anything for using the Zantrik Fleet. Our real business is not software. Our real business is the standardization we are putting together, and the ecosystem we are building. Zantrik Fleet users will go to the Zantrik garages and we get a commission from there. 

When we try to solve a problem, we often pay more attention to symptoms than the main problem. We rarely pay attention to finding and solving the root problem and we don’t do enough research. This is a huge lesson for me. As a result, we ended up investing in research and understanding the core problem.

I stay away from the action for a good amount of time every day. I don’t go to the office every day. I always want to have a bird’s eye view. If I remain busy in action, I can’t see where the problems are.

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