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Founder at Work: An Interview With Rayana Hossain, Founder and Managing Director, ISHO

September 3, 2020

This week at Founder at Work, we speak with ISHO Founder and Managing Director Rayana Hossain about her early life, how her childhood and upbringing continue to shape her life and work, her path to what she is doing today, and behind the scenes of ISHO. We explore how she came to found ISHO, how ISHO has evolved over the past year, insights from her entrepreneurial journey and growing a business, and much more.

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

I am fortunate that I come from a family of entrepreneurs and business owners which while I was growing up allowed me to understand the various nuances of running a business. It is this exposure that has allowed me to take on the challenges and responsibilities of running a business today.

The main challenge for us is to solve how we can change perceptions and consumer behavior by bringing about a new-found appreciation for design. With this in mind, we’ve always tried to be innovative in our approach.

We have followed a calculated strategy of online-first. Our first 100 customers came through organically by word of mouth and digital marketing.

ISHO takes inspiration from global locations and the history of various different materials when it comes to designing a particular collection or product.

Inclusiveness is a part of our culture and we ensure that gender is never a barrier towards growth. I personally believe in women empowerment and we constantly strive to achieve that within the organization.

Challenges and stress shouldn’t be yours alone and I personally try and adopt a collaborative approach at ISHO.

Never stop believing in what you want to achieve.

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