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How Internet is Transforming Trucking Industry in Bangladesh with Anayet Rashid, Founder, and CEO, Truck Lagbe

How Internet is Transforming Trucking Industry in Bangladesh with Anayet Rashid, Founder, and CEO, Truck Lagbe

Welcome to our new series Possible If You Want, powered by Grameenphone, exploring the power and possibilities of the internet. Over the perhaps last 20 years, the internet has reshaped our world. Today, we communicate and connect differently. We shop and consume differently. We build companies and solve problems differently. The internet has penetrated and transformed almost every area of our lives.

This series is about our innate possibilities, the power of the internet, and what happens when we bridge the two. We’ll be interviewing some of the country’s successful technology entrepreneurs and learn about their vision, their take on the power and possibilities of the internet, how they personally and their businesses use technology to tackle some of the pressing problems of our society and much more.

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Truck Lagbe Founder and CEO Anayet Rashid on how the internet has transformed our lives and work, enabled individuals to access resources and pursue possibilities and opportunities that were hard to access before, and is transforming the trucking transportation industry, the future of the trucking and much more.

The interview

In this excellent interview with Mr. Anayet, we explore a wide range of topics: the power and possibilities of the internet, how the internet has transformed the world of work and life, how the internet has made entrepreneurship easier, how the internet is transforming the future of trucking industry in Bangladesh, how the internet has allowed Pickaboo to operate and grow amid the pandemic and much more.

About Truck Lagbe 

  • Started in 2017, Truck Lagbe is an online platform that connects truck owners/drivers and shippers. Truck Lagbe directly connects truck owners with people who need to hire trucks. 
  • Truck Lagbe, which operates as a marketplace, connects truck owners/drivers with shippers. Truck owners could register their trucks and bid for trips. Shippers could download the shipper app and hire a truck with a few clicks on their mobile phones. 
  • For truck owners, finding customers in a return trip has always been a challenge, which usually contributed to the overall volatile nature of pricing in the industry. With Truck Lagbe, finding customers in a return trip is much more likely and almost predictable for a truck driver which improves overall business for truck owners and helps stabilize pricing for everyone. 
  • In simple, Truck Lagbe does a few things for both individual and business shippers as well as truck owners and thus for broader trucking industry: 1) it improves overall experience of hiring a truck in Bangladesh, for both businesses and consumers 2) it enables better coordination 3) reduces friction in the entire process 4) improves efficiency and price for everyone involved. 
  • In April 2019, Truck Lagbe raised US$1 million in a pre-series A investment. 

About Anayet Rashid 

"I was born in Dhaka as the second child of my parents. Many of my family members including my father and my uncles have been businessmen for a long time. I initially joined the same school my brother used to go to. I continued there until standard five and then moved to a different school. In fact, I studied at eight different schools in total throughout my childhood. Eventually, I ended up in Shaheen School and College in Dhaka from where I completed both my secondary and higher secondary education.

After HSC, I first got into the Independent University of Bangladesh where I stayed for one semester. Then I transferred to North South University. I graduated from there in 2007. Actually, I was supposed to graduate in 2004. But, by the end of 2003, when I was in my senior year and had only one semester left, I got involved in business and left university without completing my degree. I later went back to the university again in 2007 and completed the rest of my undergraduate program. Since then, I have been associated with several business ventures including shoe manufacturing and spice supplying."

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