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This Week in Future Startup | No.06

We've published 02 essays and 02 interviews this week. Read them below.

1. Interview: Life’s Work With Nizam Uddin, Co-Founder and CEO, weDevs

weDevs CEO and co-founder Md Nizam Uddin walks us through his early life, how his Childhood and upbringing continue to shape his life and work, his path to what he is doing today, gives us a peek behind the scenes of his company and discusses his philosophy on doing good work, and much more. Read the full interview here.

2. Before The Startup: How To Prepare Yourself for a Startup Journey

What do you need to know before embarking on a startup journey? That is a good question to think about if you are interested in startups and entrepreneurship. To me, there are two aspects that you can spend time learning about building companies: 1) what is common among successful companies and founders 2) and what is the hardest part of running a startup. Most other knowledge is either contextual in nature or you don’t need to learn now.

1/ What is common among successful companies and founders across verticals and markets: in simple, they are good at what they do. They work on problems and build products for which there is a need in the market. In summary, they understand the problem they are dealing with. They spend time learning about the product, customers, and the market.

2/ Next what is the hardest part about running a company: almost everything. There is no easy part of running a business. But you don’t need to learn all of it before starting your journey. In fact, you can’t learn about operational intricacies unless you get into the game. What you can and should learn, however, is the commitment, perseverance, and psychological strength you need to run a company. Read the essay here.

Introducing new series: Possible if you want, powered by Grameenphone

3. How Internet Is Reshaping the Future of Education: An Interview with Yanur Islam Piash, Co-founder and CEO, Bohubrihi

We have launched a new founder interview series titled Possible if you want, exploring the power and possibilities of the internet, powered by Grameenphone.

In the first interview of the series, we sit down with Yanur Islam Piash of Bohubrihi to discuss the power of the internet, how internet has enabled individuals to pursue possibilities and opportunities, and how internet is reshaping the future of education. Watch the full interview here.

4. GEEKY Social Appoints Nadia Akter as New CEO

Leading digital-first advertising company GEEKY Social has named Nadia Akter Diya as its Chief Executive Officer. With this appointment, the cofounders of the company are expected to take a more strategic role in the company’s overall direction and operations. Read the essay here.

5. Life’s Work: An Interview With Dr. Syed Ferhat Anwar, Professor, IBA, University of Dhaka | From the archive

This is among our most fascinating interviews from Life's Work series. The entire interview is full of gems and an intellectually gratifying read. Read the interview here.

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6. With SystemEye Exchange You Can Now Use Your Old Tech Devices to Buy New Ones

SystemEye Exchange allows you to exchange your old functional or non-functional laptop or desktop for a new laptop.

Recommerce or reverse commerce, which is selling used goods particularly electronics ones, is a growing market. There are big businesses in this space in India and Indonesia that raised millions of dollars in venture capital money.

SystemEye sees an opportunity to build a large business and be a leader in the space in Bangladesh. Read the essay here.

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