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GEEKY Social Appoints Nadia Akter as New CEO

Leading digital-first advertising company GEEKY Social has named Nadia Akter Diya as its Chief Executive Officer. In addition to her new role, Nadia will retain her responsibilities as the Head of Client Servicing in the company. As the five-year-old company goes through a series of strategic changes to fend off the impact of the pandemic and position itself as a key player in the post-pandemic marketing communications scene in the country, this appointment comes as a continuation of GEEKY’s longstanding culture to nurture and promote leaders from within the company.

With this appointment, the cofounders of the company are expected to take a more strategic role in the company’s overall direction and operations.

Nadia has risen through the ranks of the company as she joined GEEKY Social as its first full-time hire as a client servicing executive. She quickly rose through the ranks of the company through hard and dedication and later was made a shareholder of the company as a testament to her dedication to and hard work for GEEKY Social.

She has handled key client portfolios like Aarong Dairy, DBL Ceramics, Dan Cake, Fujifilm, Igloo, InterContinental, Prime Bank, and many more. She is a graduate of North South University.

GEEKY Social is renowned for its capabilities to bring top-of-the-shelf results for its clients across industries. Its unique GEEKY Methodology comprising of an amalgamation of creative content, digital strategy, and knowledge leadership has made the company one of the key players in Dhaka’s digital advertising scene.

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