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This Week in Future Startup | No.05

We've published 04 essays and 01 interview this week. Read them below.

1. Book: The Biggest Bluff by Maria Konnikova

I’m through the first two chapters of Maria Konnikova's latest book the Biggest Bluff. My takeaways: although we maintain a false sense of control in life, we are not in control. Hence it is only wise that we be objective – see the reality as it is, always be open and ask questions, reflect and think, and finally, establish a process of thinking and follow it. Read the essay here.

2. Boring and Complex

This short essay is based on an excellent interview I read of Charlie Songhurst in Invest Like the Best podcast. The idea is simple: if you are building a company or looking to invest in a company, always follow the boring and complex rule. Read the essay here.

3. On BITM, Learning by Doing, Alone Time, and Life: An Interview With T.M. Shabbir, Chief Coordinator, BITM

My subject for the interview today is T.M. Shabbir, the Chief Coordinator of BITM at BASIS, an author of multiple books and a lyricist. I met Mr. Shabbir through the mutual exchange of missives online. And you can tell within one minute of meeting him that he is a deeply curious and intellectually interested person. Many of us try to be interesting and it is relatively easy to be interesting because you want attention. But being interested in things and people is a far more admirable and useful trait that will not only make you interesting, but it will also make your life far more gratifying.

The interview covers a lot from Mr. Shabbir’s early life to his journey to what he is doing today, his management style, his work at BITM, the state of BITM, COVID and the rise of online training, his creative process, the importance of alone time, how he came to learn the inevitability of death and how the knowledge has changed his life forever, and much more. The interview is an illuminating read in its entirety. I have immensely enjoyed doing the interview, I hope you will enjoy reading it. Read the interview here.

4. How Chaldal Works: Unpacking Chaldal’s Scope, Operation, and Strategy

Chaldal is building a suite of businesses that allows customers to avail groceries at a better price and improve the overall grocery supply chain. These businesses handle everything from working directly with farmers to working with smallholder retailers to micro-warehousing and logistics. These different parts of Chaldal may appear disjointed to you. But they are not. There is an underlying logic that connects them all. Read the essay here.

5. Life’s Work: An Interview With Yasir Azman, Deputy CEO and CMO, Grameenphone (from archive)

This is among our most fascinating interviews from Life's Work series. The entire interview is full of gems and an intellectually gratifying read. Read the interview here.

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