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This Week in Future Startup | No.04

We've published 03 stories, mostly news analysis, this week, and no essay and interview. Instead, some great interviews and essays from our archive.

1. A Founder’s Manifesto For 2020

I put together this list of dos and don'ts in January and they remain relevant. Here is one: "3. Build an efficient organization: 80% of Bangladeshi organizations operate sub-optimally. You have two people for doing a task that one person can do. This happens with startups when they raise money. With money comes optimism and a willingness to spend. Control that feeling. Find out pockets of inefficiency in your systems and address them. Often, you will find that you can do more than what you are already doing with the resources that you already have. Plan better. Be ruthless when it comes to optimization." Read the essay here.

2. The State of Telemedicine in Bangladesh

Telemedicine has seen extraordinary growth in the past few months. Coronavirus pandemic has fast-forwarded the future of telemedicine and transformed consumer behavior which is likely to stick past the pandemic. In this excellent essay, Ahmed Fahad of Pathao goes deeper into the state, past, present and future of telemedicine in Bangladesh analyzed on the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. Read the essay here.

3. 10 Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned From 2019

Most intelligent people are after transcendence, knowingly, or unknowingly. They want freedom from wants and needs and sufferings and burdens of being human. However, most don’t know which path will lead them there. Hence they get entangled with more burden of living and eventually end up in parties of many kinds.

Luck has a lot to do with where we end up in life when it comes to wealth and material success but living a good life is mostly about becoming and choice.

The struggle is universal. Everyone suffers, from MTO to CEO. The nature and scale of suffering are different though.

Life does not get any easier when you move up on any ladder. It is likely to get a lot busier though. Read the essay here.

4. The Enduring Edge Of Rokomari: An Interview With Mahmudul Hasan Sohag, Co-founder and Chairman, Onnorokom Group

Rokomari is one of the most fascinating digital commerce companies in Dhaka. Founded in 2012, the company is one of the earliest, most loved by consumers and consistent players in the space. The company is a perfect bootstrapping case study in digital commerce for entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. Rokomari has been doing a tonne of interesting things of late. In this interview, we go deep into the intricacies and strategies of Rokomari with Mahmudul Hasan Sohag. Read the interview here.

5. Life’s Work: An Interview With Fahmida Khatun, Executive Director, Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) (Part 01)

This is among our most fascinating interviews from Life's Work series. I'm intentionally not adding any snippets with this one. The whole interview is a great read. There is also a part two that you can read once you are done reading this. Read the interview here.

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