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Truck Lagbe Looks to Forge Closer Ties with Driver Partners Amid the Pandemic, Provides Free Disinfection Service to top Drivers

Truck Lagbe, the largest online truck booking platform in Bangladesh, has launched a new campaign where it provides free disinfection services to top drivers on its platform. The ambition of the program is to support the driver partners of Truck Lagbe, promote essential hygiene practice among Truck Lagbe drivers and encourage them to take and complete more trips on Truck Lagbe platform.

“While it is always important to maintain hygiene all the time, the ongoing global pandemic caused by Coronavirus has caught everyone off-guard. Now most of us are trying to maintain personal and living space hygiene, but what about workplace hygiene?  Imagine the life of our Truck Operators who don’t enjoy safe, brick, and mortar set-up as workplaces like most of us do. Their workplaces are the Trucks they drive which are constantly on the go,” the company writes on its official blog.  With the free disinfection service initiative, Truck Lagbe aims to improve safety measures for drivers who use the Truck Lagbe platform.


1/ From the very beginning of the ongoing pandemic, Truck Lagbe has been working vigorously to raise awareness regarding cleanliness and providing necessary directives to its registered drivers to maintain vehicular hygiene.

2/ To raise further awareness, Truck Lagbe has arranged “Free Cleaning and Disinfection Service” for Top Drivers on the Truck Lagbe platform. Under the program, every week 10 drivers on the Truck Lagbe platform receive curated disinfection service managed by,  mask, and hand gloves. Truck Lagbe also features these drivers on Truck Lagbe's social channels.

3/ Truck Lagbe has put together a set of criteria for selecting top drivers with an intention to encourage drivers to accept and complete trips on the Truck Lagbe platform. The two criteria are: a) highest number of trips per week b) and best completion rates per week.


Transportation is one of the badly hit industries amid the global coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, Truck Lagbe has been working on both finding new strategies to tackle the wide-spread fall in demands as well as working more closely with its truck driver and owner partners.

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