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July 11: This Week In Future Startup

If you can solve for efficiency and offer marginal improvements in quality and service, no market is void of opportunities. In fact, with commitment and quality, you can create blue oceans in every market. Our this week’s founders at work interview offers an insight into how to build a winning business in a competitive market using a combination of quality and commitment. Companies across verticals are gradually waking up to the economic realities of the coronavirus pandemic. Except for a few verticals, companies are seeing a widespread fall in demands thus business. Pathao VP and Head of Product Ahmed Fahad offers a summary of insights from founders of Pathao, Bongo, Trucklagbe, and Gaze. We have been going through the largest work from home experiment in the history of work forced by the coronavirus pandemic. This shift has significantly affected the business of coworking and managed office space providers across markets. While we are forced to WFH, office remains relevant and will continue to matter in the years to come. As Dhaka slowly resumes normal life and businesses reopen with caution, Dhaka-based coworking office company CoSpace eyes to attract startups and businesses with meaningful offerings. On another story, we look into the online travel platform Go Zayaan recently launched a subscription office pick and drop service Go Zayaan Express. And finally, while the overall funding market remains slow, good companies in a number of select verticals continue to raise money from investors. To that end, SOLshare, the solar energy company, has raised $1.1M in new funding. 

1. Founders at Work: An Interview With Ahmed Humayun Murshed, Faisal Mahmud Sajeeb, and Mezarul Musrufe Ontu, Founders, Accfintax

2. Lessons From Founders of Pathao, Bongo, Trucklagbe, and Gaze: How Local Startups Can Survive COVID-19 Economic Downturn

3. CoSpace Offers Affordable Flexible Office Solution as Businesses Look to Cut Cost and Adopt Flexible Work

4. Go Zayaan Launches Subscription Office Pick and Drop Service Go Zayaan Express, Ramifications of Pivot

5. SOLshare Raises $1.1M in New Funding


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