Ride-hailing Services Remain Off The Road Amid Partial Reopening

On Sunday, May 31st, Bangladesh reopened offices and transport services in a partial manner after more than two months of lockdown. As lockdown eases, although it appears another series of lockdown is looming on us, transport services such as public buses, minibusses, trains, and domestic airlines have resumed operations. 

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) has asked all ridesharing services to stay off the roads until further notice. The decision gives a look into how policy makers and regulators view ride-hailing companies and the disadvantage of perception these new age transportation companies face when it comes to dealing with the regulators. 

BRTA offers an explanation, ride-hailing, bike-hailing in particular, is not safe for passengers because of social distancing when you are riding a shared bike. On the other hand, ride-hailing companies argue that since ride-hailing is a more private form of transportation, it offers greater safety to passengers. And the companies also claim that they have taken enough preparations to ensure passengers’ safety. 

0/ On May 30th, the BRTA sent a letter to 12 ride-hailing service providers instructing them not to resume operation. 

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