Tech Startups Approach Reopening With Caution

1/  On Sunday, May 31st, Bangladesh reopened offices and transport services in a restricted manner after more than two months of lockdown. On the other hand, new coronavirus cases and fatality from the virus continue to spike. As offices slowly ease into more regular operation, albeit at a limited scale, companies across the board take a measured approach to reopen and resume operations. 

2/ We are seeing a number of approaches companies are taking to reopening after months of WFH. While some are more enthusiastic about reopening than others, almost every company is approaching reopening with caution. In fact, a large number of tech startups in Dhaka continue to WFH, reopening only the essential physical operation. 

3/ There are companies that can’t do away with physical operations such as manufacturing and banking and so on. These companies have been operating at a limited scale during the lockdown. Many of them are now slowly easing into a more regular version of operation, albeit at a limited scale compared to their regular operations. Many of these companies had to go WFH without much preparation and having any setup for running a remote operation. They had to learn the hard way. 

4/ Others remain cautious about reopening.  A large number of tech startups continue to operate remotely while taking a rather cautious approach to resuming office full fledged. As many as 10 companies we spoke with told FS that they are going to remain remote at least until June 15. Some are even taking a conservative view and not considering reopening in the next one month unless the virus situation improves. 

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