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Your Struggles Are Your Becoming

Life is challenging. It gets even harder when we take challenges of life too personally. KM Ali, CEO, Partex Star Group (CX-1) shares how challenges and difficulties of life have helped him to grow and do well in every stage of his life. Celebrate difficulties.

Enter KM Ali:

Life demands an incredible amount of resilience in us. It is a daunting journey all the way. If you think that this is all very easy and life will go according to your plan then you would be very wrong.

You should be able to create a space inside your heart and then accommodate the stress instead. We need to develop a mindset to manage the highs and lows of our life.

That said, one particular benefit of going through a tough time in life is that you learn to stretch yourself and your ability to endure grows. I was at my lowest point when my wife died. It took great courage and a lot of patience to hold on to myself during that time. Having my children around helped me a lot during those days.

These difficult days come in everyone’s life. Some trials are inevitable. As a human being, our greatest strength is to be patient and keep pushing forward. But I must say that with every tragedy in life, I only grew more human.

From a career perspective, in my early days at BAT, I had faced a significant challenge to perform and deliver as per my responsibilities. I was failing to fulfill the expectations of my supervisor.

My boss was a wonderful person and he was aware of my capability. When he saw me struggling, he attached a trainer with me. The coach who was a field force trainer helped me on the job which fundamentally changed the trajectory of my career. With the help of my coach, in the following three years I exceeded all the performance expectations leaving behind many of my superstar colleagues in promotion and performance. I became the dark horse who was lagging behind at the beginning with a U-Turn later on.

Now that I look back, I realize that self-discovery is an incredibly empowering experience. When you manage to know yourself better, everything changes. At BAT, my mentor helped me to find myself.

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