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Future Startup Explainer: What is Jatri and How it Works

The big story: Jatri is a bus tracking and digital ticketing platform in Bangladesh. Founded in 2019 by Aziz Arman, Khandokar Taswar Zahin, and Zia U Ahmed, the company aims to transform public transportation in Bangladesh and beyond through improving the experience of public transportation, enabling bus operators to run more efficiently and empowering cities to improve public transportation systems by using technology. The company is today of a team of 25 people and growing. 

How it works: “We are the first bus tracking and digital ticketing platform in Bangladesh”, says Aziz Arman, Co-founder and CEO of Jatri. “Around 47% of commuters use buses daily, and they struggle with unscheduled buses, long queues, immeasurable waiting times and more on a regular basis. Passengers are often picked up and dropped off at random points instead of the designated areas. Bus companies had no way to regulate how their buses were functioning, as the drivers and helpers would resort to corruption to make extra cash.”

  • For passengers: The company offers real-time tracking and digital ticketing services of buses via an app-based platform – users can subscribe to Jatri services, plan their trips, and track buses and secure tickets.
  • For bus owners: Jatri constantly collects real-time information on bus locations, data on passenger quantity and reviews from customers to ensure that every bus ride is smooth and seamless. The company helps bus operators with accurate analytics on their bus trips.
  • Buses on Jatri platform: Some of the buses on Jatri platform are Trust Transport AC Service, Agradut Services, Osim Paribahan, and Green Dhaka AC Service, etc. 

The state of business: The company says it now has over 100 buses on its platform and growing every day and some 30k+ users, who have used Jatri digital ticketing service to complete 50k+ rides.

Funding: Jatri raised an undisclosed amount seed investor from a diverse set of investors early this year. 

Ambition: To become the leadıng bus hailing app in Asia.

Go Deeper: Jatri Founder and CEO Aziz Arman Talks Smart Mobility Solution to Enhance Public Transportation Systems, Jatri’s Business, and Running a Startup


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