Online Tutoring Slowly Sees Traction in Bangladesh

The big picture: Education, in general, and across verticals, has been going through a transformation over the past years. Globally, MOOCs are changing how we learn and teach. Companies like Skillshare are changing skill development narratives. Companies like Byju’s are changing K12 education. In Bangladesh, we have seen a fair amount of slow yet steady disruption taking place over the past years. Companies like 10 Minute School, REPTO, Bohubrihi, Eduhive, EshoShikhi, Shikhbe Shobai, Kajki, Caretutor, Yoda are addressing various verticals within the education. 

One growing vertical is tutoring. Tutoring has always been a big market in Bangladesh. A predominantly offline market, tutoring has been littered with inefficiency and frictions for both the tutors, parents, and students. 

A lucrative market: Education is a big market. According to some estimates, average Bangladeshis spend some 34% of their household income on the education of their offspring. The market for tutoring is estimated to be BDT 1.5 billion per year and growing at a rate of 10%. 

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