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Go Zayaan Travel Loan, Explained

Go Zayaan, one of the fastest-growing online travel platforms, launched a personal travel loan in collaboration with IPDC Finance Ltd early this month. The loan, aimed at travelers and travel enthusiasts, can be used for purchasing travel-related services. 

Unlike traditional loan products, accessing Go Zayaan Travel Loan is simple, easy and quick. The entire loan application can be completed online. The documents required are minimal. The conditions are flexible: if you earn a certain monthly salary and have a salary account, you can apply for the loan. 

The loan remains valid for 3 months and can be paid in affordable monthly installments for up to 18 months. It can be called card-less EMI. And no interest will be charged if you pay it back within 6 months, similar to 0% EMI. The company expects the loan to make traveling accessible to more people who are passionate about traveling but would prefer alternative financing for their trips. 

Not your traditional loan: The very word loan brings a cumbersome and often complex process to our mind. The word carries a certain weight and incites an unknown fear in us. Applying for a traditional loan is often complex. Time-consuming. Requires tons of documentation. And the entire thing has a gnawing uneasiness attached to it. What, loan? That’s not for me. That’s how we usually perceive loans. But Go Zayaan Travel loan is far from a loan in the traditional sense of the word. The process is simple. The conditions are flexible. The benefits easily outweigh the benefits of traditional loans. “Go Zayaan Travel Loan is like using a credit card without a credit card,” says Imamul Islam Suprio, Chief Marketing Officer, Go Zayaan. 

Easy, flexible, and quick: You can apply for the loan by submitting 04 documents in total: your national ID, Office ID/ Visiting Card, Salary Statement / Pay Slip, and Passport-size Photo. The entire process can be done online sitting in your living room. Once you successfully applied for the loan, IPDC EZ will review and approve the loan within 3 working days. Once the Travel Loan is approved, Go Zayaan will reach out to you and help you with purchases or other details regarding using the loan.

What you need to know: Any salaried person with a salary account can apply for the loan. The loan aims to make traveling super affordable to travelers who may want to travel by allowing them to take advantage of a flexible loan. Here is what you need to know about the loan: 

  • The loan is an outcome of a collaboration between Go Zayaan and IPDC Finance Ltd. 
  • Anyone with a minimum monthly salary of 20,000 that is disbursed in a valid bank account can apply for the loan. 
  • A traveler can avail up to BDT 2,00,000 as a travel loan with a minimum 10% down payment. 
  • The loan remains valid for three months from the date of issuance, which means one can use the loan any time within the three months.
  • The process for availing the loan is simple and quick. In the existing process, it takes about three working days to approve a loan. “We have cases where the loan has been approved in just 2 hours of applying,” says Mr. Suprio. 
  • Once the loan is approved, Go Zayaan reaches out to the customer and assists in purchases of travel products like tour packages, flights, and hotels. 
  • The loan can be repaid in installments in 18 months. No interest is being charged for repayment within 6 months. 
  • You can activate the loan anytime within the validity period of the loan. You don’t have to pay anything unless you activate and use the loan to purchase something.

Why it matters: Travel is a $5.3 billion market in Bangladesh. The industry is growing at 6.8 percent annually and is expected to reach $7 billion by 2023. Over the past decade, interest in travel has surged among Bangladeshis. Today, a growing number of Bangladeshis regularly travel for business and leisure, both domestically and internationally. Products like Go Zayaan Travel Loan are likely to accelerate this growth. It will enable a lot more people, particularly young professionals, to avail travel services regardless of their financial status.

For consumers, Go Zayaan Travel Loan can play out in three ways. 

  • The loan can help young professionals who don’t own a credit card or don’t have enough credit in their cards to travel with ease. 
  • It can help frequent travelers save their credit card limits for using abroad when they are traveling while using the loan to buy travel services such as hotels and tickets. 
  • It can open doors for more young people who want to travel but will appreciate a hand to finance their trips thus expanding the overall travel market in Bangladesh.   

From Go Zayaan, it plays strongly into its narrative as a travel brand that encourages traveling and empowers travelers.

For IPDC, it offers an opportunity to get into a fast-growing market and expand its IPDC EZ product beyond traditional verticals. 

The big picture: If Go Zayaan Travel Loan succeeds, two things would happen. One, it will give Go Zayaan a ready base of customers, assuming people availing travel loans through Go Zayaan will buy travel services from Go Zayaan. 

Second, it will open doors for Go Zayaan to expand to new verticals of travel products proving the point that digital travel platforms have a lot more scope to flex their influence beyond travel while validating the growing assumption of the unbundling of the financial services across markets. 

The bottom line: Go Zayaan Travel Loan could potentially unleash an increased interest in traveling and make travel services far more accessible to young professionals in Bangladesh. 

It is truly exciting to think that you can finance your travel with a flexible and easy to access a loan. That too can be paid in installments and if you repay within a certain time you don’t have to pay any interest. And the entire process is simple and super fast. 

Similarly, the move could play into Go Zayaan’s strength and help expand its market and build a loyal customer base who will continue to help the company grow. 

Go Zayaan Travel Loan, powered by IPDC EZ

Finance your next trip with a Go Zayaan Travel Loan brought to you in collaboration with IPDC Finance Ltd. It is flexible. Quick. Simple to avail. Learn more about Go Zayaan Travel Loan here. 

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