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Read Yasir Azman's First Letter to His Team as Grameenphone's CMO

It's official, Yasir Azman is Grameenphone's next CEO. He will take over the baton from the current CEO Michael Patrick Foley from next month. 

Mr. Azman was officially appointed as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Grameenphone on June 15, 2015. On his first day on the job as the CMO, he sent a letter to his whole commercial team at Grameenphone. 

In the letter, Mr. Azman speaks of what he thinks makes Grameenphone a great company, and where he thinks it can go in the future and how he plans to work with the team and move forward. Mr. Azman also stated a bit of his plan for the company as a CMO in the letter. 

You can read the letter in its entirety below.

From: Yasir Azman (Commercial)

Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015, 4:04 AM

To: Commercial

Subject: we will do it together

Dear All

Today is a new day for me.

You all know, this is officially my first day to step in as CMO Grameenphone. It gives me the opportunity to be back again to the winning team. It's been almost five years I was outside GP, however, with all the pride and belongingness I followed you and Grameenphone regularly.

I am equally proud as you all are to be part of Grameenphone, a company that has a vision and strong purpose of existence. Because of the vibrant, fast, fiercely competitive, naturally performance-oriented and intense nature of our industry, we often forget our ultimate impact, and the way we change people’s lives and society. I believe in our brand.

And I am really feeling thrilled when I find myself working with you again, you who every day serve 52 million subscribers and inspire thousands more to join us every day with your talent and hard work. I know how you all navigated through the tough times and kept winning every day. I believe in you.

Our industry is going through a challenging yet exciting time again. It was 10 years back when we have seen the hockey stick growth in the mobile industry, the mobile voice growth rate was its peak, and at that time our customers believed in us and we won together in that journey. Here again, we get the opportunity to make another history and this time it is by bringing the power of digital communication, by bringing on the Internet for all. The difference is we are no longer an incumbent, we have fierce competition and that demands more from each of us.

As a commercial team, we have the responsibility to deliver on our company goals by understanding our customer’s behavior today and need for tomorrow, by bringing in innovative solutions, by communicating and inspiring them to believe in us, by reaching them or making us available to them and by serving them when they need us so that they love us. We have solutions, talent, and resources. And we have the journey ahead (some of you might wonder ‘the journey’ again. It is, otherwise we are dead in all sense, you know).

I am looking forward to working with you all, win and celebrate. Of course, Winning in the journey ahead will demand change, new capabilities, and way of work.

Be the change revolutionary or evolutionary we will do it together!

See you all soon.


……………And our experience says when team GP does it together it becomes a revolution!


Grameenphone exists to help customers get the full benefit of communications services in their daily lives. We’re here to help.

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