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In Life The Only Way Out Is Through: Lessons In Life And Entrepreneurship

Founder and Managing Director of Solaric, Didar Islam, explains why we should embrace struggles and challenges of life and maintain the courage of enduring difficulties if we to succeed.

Enter Didar Islam

The first is that if you are into building anything, either it is business or something else, you have to develop a passion for it because the journey is so demanding that you would give up easily.

Business is like raising a family with lots of good days, bad days, ups, and downs. If you are doing business just to make money then there is a high chance that you will not survive long. Because business always does not generate money constantly. If you look at us, we do business and it is a profit making venture but we are also touching the lives of people and making life better. I am doing this because I’m passionate about doing innovate new things to make things affordable and better.

The second thing is that you have to be persistent at what you do. Building a business from the ground up is a long time thing and it requires grit. If you are looking for making some quick bucks, starting a business is not probably the way you should choose.

The third lesson is that there will always be challenges. It is true for our context and it is equally true for any other markets in the world. But challenges are good. Small ones prepare us for the big ones. Big ones for the bigger ones. When challenges come, your first is not to worry or stress rather find out a way to solving it. In life, the only way is through.

I think it is important that you find your passion and work on it. Money will come sooner or later but you need to work first. Go after your passion no matter what your family says or anyone says for that matter. Music, art whatever you want, go for it.

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