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Dhaka Tech Summit 2020 Held

On January 23, the first-ever Dhaka Tech Summit 2020 was held at The Westin, Dhaka with an ambition “to bring together the best minds of the tech industry of the country'' and promote insight and ideas to transform Bangladesh’s technology industry.

The half-day-long summit was packed with keynotes, panels, and conversations and brought together 150+ engineers from 60 organizations. 

The event was jointly organized by Chaldal, Bangladesh’s leading online grocery startup, and Kotha Technologies, the Bangladeshi social app startup, and received strategic support from The Westin, Dhaka, Future Startup, and The Daily Star, among others. 

Dhaka Tech Summit 2020 Held
Dhaka Tech Summit 2020 - part of the participants

12 speakers shared their ideas and insight on the future of software programming and the global technology industry.

The speakers in the summit (in no particular order) include: Anam Ahmed, Principal Software Engineer of Telenor Health spoke on the Future of API: GraphQL, Zubair Noman, Founder of Shoppio spoke on functional programming along with Tawsif Aqib, Principal Engineer, Intelligent Machines who shared the same topic. Tejas Viswanath, CTO of Chaldal also spoke on functional programming and metaprogramming; Nobel Khandakar, Vice President, Technology of Shohoz spoke on the importance and various aspects of Data Security, Shahee Mirza, Head of Security Operations pf Beetles Cyber Security also spoke on Data Security.  

Dhaka Tech Summit 2020 Held 1
Chaldal CTO Tejas speaking at Dhaka Tech Summit

A panel discussion on the topic “From Outsourcing Economy to Innovation Economy” moderated by Dr. M Rokonuzzaman, Prof. ECE of North South University and participated by Ataul Mukit, CTO of Kotha Technologies, Topu Newaj, Senior Vice President of Shohoz, Mehdi Hasan Khan, Technical Architect of ShopUp and Initiator, Avro and Raisul Kabir, Founder & CEO of Brainstation-23, was also hosted.

A spirited discussion took place on the future of the technology industry and innovation in Bangladesh and the challenges facing Bangladesh’s technology industry and how policymakers and stakeholders can address these challenges to take the Bangladesh tech industry forward. 

Dhaka Tech Summit 2020 Held 2
Dhaka Tech Summit 2020 - a part of the participants

The event is the largest technology summit held in Dhaka in recent years aimed at software engineers, technology professionals, and industry stakeholders exploring topics at the intersection of the future of software engineering, technology entrepreneurship and the changing world of tech. The organizers said that they aim to turn the summit into an annual gathering of software engineers, tech professionals, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders who take interest in the future of technology in Bangladesh and beyond.

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