A Founder’s Manifesto

A Founder’s Manifesto

The new year, above all, comes with hope and promise of a new beginning. It offers an opportunity to turn a new page and start over anew. 

Traditionally, people begin with writing new year resolutions. Of course, hardly a few manage to keep them. The resolve often dies out before the second week of the new year. But in the spirit of a new beginning and optimism, here are Future Startup’s eight suggestions for founders to ensure an excellent run in 2020. 

These suggestions essentially don’t make overnight success possible. They, however, are likely to improve your chance of moving forward. 

1. Build systems: Startups are designed to be fast-paced organizations. This is a good thing. Which is not good for these organizations is that many founders consider systems slow organizations down. Rather the opposite. Good systems, unlike bureaucracy, tend to speed things up. Smoothen up the rough patches. Ensures continuity despite necessary changes. Produce consistently. As organizations grow, systems are essential for both scale and speed. It will pay if founders spend some time in designing systems that generate. 

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