What We’re Watching In 2020

Dhaka’s tech scene has seen some increased activities in 2019 compared to past years. Overall deal flow increased driven by an increased angel and seed-stage activities, although growth stage deals remain far scarce. 

2020 offers mixed signals with a lot happening in the economy. Interest in Dhaka’s tech scene remains strong. There are some companies doing fascinating things.

We’ll be closely looking for breakout companies, mature stage deals, new tech trends, and policy initiatives to support tech and entrepreneurship, and technology education. But there will be plenty of other events that will matter in 2020, too. Here is a list of verticals and subjects we plan to follow closely in 2020.

eCommerce: Apart from the aggressive push from Daraz and Evaly, little happened in ecommerce this year. While Daraz and Evaly continue to push in the market, the overall market size of ecommerce remains minuscule compared to overall retail in the country. We’ll closely follow how existing players operate as well as activities from players like bKash and others forces to shape the market. 

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