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The Biggest Event On Social Commerce Is Here!

The 3rd F-commerce Summit 2019 is scheduled on 28th December 2019 with an ambition to create a unified voice for the F-commerce businesses in Bangladesh

F-commerce Summit 2019, a day-long summit packed with keynotes, talks, panels, and domain-specific knowledge sessions, is here again for the third time. Organized by GEEKY Social Ltd. and sponsored by SMEVai, the one-stop business solution provider to SME businesses, the summit, scheduled on 28th December 2019, will take place at the KIB COMPLEX 3D Seminar Hall, Dhaka. 

The registration for the event is now open.

The previous two F-commerce Summits, held in 2015 and 2016, focusing on the rise of social commerce and the impact of Facebook on digital commerce in Bangladesh, were hugely successful and created immense enthusiasm and interest among the industry insiders and enthusiasts.

This year it is going to be even bigger and better.

With an aim to empower the F-commerce entrepreneurs of Bangladesh, demystify social commerce, and understand the nuances of Facebook communication, the Summit aims to explore concepts of social commerce in-depth and be more engaging and interactive. 

The summit plans to bring together subject matter experts, digital entrepreneurs, and practitioners from a diverse background to offer insight and conversation that would make a difference in the lives of participants.

F-commerce demystified 

Facebook has an incredible scale. Founded in 2004, the company has changed the way people experience the web. In Bangladesh, Facebook has a staggering reach. In many places, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas, the internet is synonymous with Facebook.

People spend an obscene amount of time on the social network. The platform has become the center of almost everything, from communication to commerce, friendship to political activism, people are using facebook for every conceivable purpose.

The impact of Facebook has equally been profound on commerce in Bangladesh. 

The popularity of the platform has given rise to a new term called f-commerce, a form of commerce using social media, which is one of the fast-growing verticals of digital commerce in Bangladesh. 

In fact, small Facebook sellers combinedly serve more orders per day than many large scale ecommerce sites combined. Thousands of small and medium enterprises have built upon the advantage of low-cost launch opportunities, minimum distribution cost, targeted marketing, and easy to maintain the nature of Facebook businesses.

It is simple to start a Facebook business. You open a page, which is free of cost, upload photographs of your products and start selling. 

Although it has become difficult in recent times since Facebook significantly curbed organic reach making people bound to pay advertising dollars for greater reach, Facebook remains one of the key channels for customer acquisitions for digital businesses in Bangladesh. 

The platform has given rise to a new generation of entrepreneurs and has given a perfect stepping stone to many aspiring entrepreneurs to build great enterprises.  

Building on that, today there is a growing and vibrant social commerce companies in Dhaka and a relatively large amount of entrepreneurship activity across the country.

Social commerce offers an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurial people to start small and build on that. 

However, It is not easy to build a business using Facebook. It takes hard work, understanding of the platform and so on. 

There are challenges to digital commerce. One, these platforms are complex. It takes effort and initiative to understand these platforms. Second, digital is changing constantly, without a deeper understanding and underlying principles of these platforms, it is hard to build sustainable businesses. 

The F-commerce Summit 2019 aims to explore themes - how social commerce works, nuances of social media platforms, what it takes to do well in F-commerce, what are the most important trends to understand regarding social commerce - with an ambition to enable existing and aspiring social commerce entrepreneurs and practitioners.

Why You Should Care

F-commerce Summit 2019 is here to make you think, learn and build. Participants from the last two summits reported it to be inspiring, thought-provoking, and an extraordinary learning curve in the space of social commerce and digital communication.

While the event promises to provide a decent supply of food for thought, it also offers a brilliant opportunity to meet and network with influencers, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Bangladesh who are doing meaningful work in the digital commerce space.

This year, the Summit will host in-depth sessions featuring a diverse set of speakers on topics conducted by national and international experts on Social media, entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders. Some of the sessions are: 

1) A to Z Guide to Monetize Your Facebook Videos: An in-depth session on monetizing Facebook videos, best practices, and policy guidelines. 

2) Facebook for Content Makers: Understanding how to use Facebook Video or live video as a platform to create content and build influence. 

3) Facebook Messenger Bot: New Destination: The sessions will take a look into behavioral changes happening in our life and usage of messenger platforms from searching to purchasing.

4) How to Get Financing for f-commerce Business: A practical discussion on what are the potential funding sources for F-commerce businesses in Bangladesh and how one might avail them. 

5) Blueprint to Boost Your Sale through Facebook: Designed for people who are running or interested in building an online business through Facebook, the session will give a detailed overview of how to use Facebook as a platform for starting and building a business and will delve into insights for succeeding in F-commerce.  

Interested and want to attend? Register to attend 

F-commerce Summit 2019 is a registration-only event. It means, to attend this day-long gala of thoughts, inspiration, and conversation you have to register. To register, please apply here.

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