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Evaly Turns One - A Look Back At The Evolution Of Evaly

Dec 16, 2019

Evaly, one of the fastest-growing digital commerce startups in Dhaka, has turned one this month. Founded by Mohammad Rassel, the company started its journey in December 2018 with an ambition of building an everything store of Bangladesh. 

A relatively late entrant to Dhaka’s digital commerce scene, the company has since been able to achieve an incredible growth using a combination of an aggressive push for growth, extensive investment in brand building, and an ingenious operational strategy. 

Today, the company is one of the largest ecommerce players in Bangladesh and aims to dethrone Daraz in the next year in terms of market share and growth. 

“Our ambition is to dominate the ecommerce market in Bangladesh. We are only a year old company and in terms of numbers and growth, we are neck-to-neck with Daraz in almost every area,” said Mohammad Rassel in a recent interview with FS. 

Evaly has built one of the most widely recognized brands among the digital commerce companies in Bangladesh. This has helped the company to build a large following on social media and a large and diverse customer base. 

While it suffers from the same challenges that have affected many other digital startups such as bad customer experience, the company has managed to achieve incredible numbers that surpassed the number of its many contemporaries. 

In an interview with Future Startup, Mohammad Rassel said, “between September-October this year, Evaly had a net GMV of $7.5M, which is higher than almost all ecommerce players in the market. The company says it plans to cross tk. 130 crore in sales in December. It has already put forward a series of lucrative campaigns.”


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