7 Questions For Ride-hailing Companies In Bangladesh As We Enter A New Year 2020

Last week, BRTA finally issued ride-sharing licenses to 9 ride-hailing companies. More players are likely to be in the process.

The ride-sharing guidelines 2017 first came to public attention in 2017. It got approved in January 2018. BRTA started the registration process for ride-hailing companies from July 1, 2019. To that end, 9 companies now have the BRTA license. 

The ride-hailing market has grown over the last four years. There are multiple players who are competing on equal foot now. Consumer adoption of the service has seen excellent growth. At the same time, there are challenges and holes in the market.   

As the market matures further, there are certain questions ride-hailing companies in Dhaka need to think about and answer. Below are seven questions for ride-hailing companies to ask as we enter 2020. 

1. Is the price war among the players coming to an end? 

After a short period of cool post-Pathao layoff in mid-2019, the competition among Uber, Pathao, Shohoz, Obhai, and smaller ride-hailing players has intensified in the past months. 

Pathao lost a significant market share to Uber and Shohoz in bike owing to its recent debacle with funding, layoff, and other issues. The company has been trying to claw back with renewed push with marketing campaigns, discounts and so on. 

Price remains a key point of competition for ride-hailing companies. Aggressive discounts continue to be a norm in the ride-hailing business. 

However, Uber has been trying to control costs in the US and in Dhaka, Pathao, Shohoz, and other ride-hailing players should quickly find a meaningful way to go beyond competing on price. It would be interesting to see how this trend shapes up in 2020. 

2. How is business doing beyond promo-codes? 

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