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06 Practical Lessons On Management and Culture From 02 Bangladeshi Business Leaders

November 25, 2019

We are living in an extraordinary time. Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship have become the two dominant ideas in the business world as an integral part of organizational culture.

Technology is changing almost every industry. Dynamism has become an indispensable quality to build for almost every company regardless of the industry you operate in. All these changes have made things even more complex for organizations and leaders - be it a small startup or a multi-million dollar corporate giant.

Muhammad A (Rumeei) Ali

This is where comes the need for strong organizational culture and management practices. We have put together a host of indispensable management lessons from Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali of BIAC and Yasir Azman of Grameenphone that will help you to build a winning culture and put together some best management practices in your organization, regardless of your size and industry.

People in this story: Muhammad A. (Rumee) Ali of BIAC (read our interview with Mr. Ali here) and Yasir Azman of Grameenphone (read our interview with Mr. Azman here).

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