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FS Weekly Review #27


How To Find Early Users And Grow Your Business: Lessons From LCP, Pathao, Chaldal, Pickaboo and TBBD

Looking to find users/customers for your product? Learn from the experience of 05 entrepreneurs who share how they grew their users and business.

Business Outsourcing and How It Can Help Your Business

With more businesses leaning towards becoming more cost-efficient with their operations, it comes as no surprise that business outsourcing is one of the very first terms ever to pop out. Business outsourcing helps you assign repetitive tasks to an external team, making the whole business not only cost-efficient but more productive as well.

An Education In Building Startups In Bangladesh: Our 08 Must Read Startup Stories

Our 08 Must-Read Startup Stories On Pathao, Pickaboo, Chaldal, TBBD, HungryNaki, OnnoRokom, LCP And Khaas Food

Lessons In Human Capital Development From Retail With Amith Kumar Karmaker, Asst. Manager, HR & Admin, Bay Emporium Limited

Amith Kumar Karmaker, Asst. Manager, HR & Admin, Bay Emporium Limited, goes deep into human resources management practices and the state of human capital development in the retail industry in Bangladesh in general and at Bay Emporium Limited, a leading footwear marketing company in Bangladesh, in particular.

Building An Online Women Fashion Business In Bangladesh With Arnob Mustafa and Tanzia Nasrin, Founders, Leisfita

Founded by husband-wife duo Tanzia Nasrin and Arnob Mustafa, LeisFita, sells exclusive designer jewelry and women fashion items online. Originally founded in 2012 as a Facebook page, the company went through multiple phases of metamorphosis over the past years. Today, it has evolved into a niche ecommerce player with a strong brand following in the women's fashion category.

Building A Regional Technology Company With Firoze M Zahidur Rahman, Founder and CEO, Loosely Coupled Technologies

Firoze M Zahidur Rahman is the founder and CEO of Loosely Coupled Technologies (LCT), the Kuala Lumpur-based technology company that uses Artificial Intelligence, NLP and Data Analytics in business applications. Prior to LCT, Mr. Firoze founded SSD-Tech and built it into one of the largest technology companies in Bangladesh valued at US$63 million and a regional player in the Asia Pacific having operations in multiple markets.

Weekly Review #26

From An Investor’s Perspective: Why Myanmar over Bangladesh Bangladesh is at an inflection point — diffusion of technology is about to shift gears across diverse socio-economic segments, eventually mirroring the technology boom we have seen in Indonesia and India. What Went Wrong At Cookups: 4 Practical Lessons In Building Startups In Bangladesh Lessons – 1) […]

Light of Hope’s ‘Ecosystem Model’ to prepare millions of children with future skills

Waliullah Bhuiyan, Co-founder & CEO, Light of Hope Ltd. explained about the concept of Ecosystem company and how Elon Musk’s work with Tesla and SpaceX inspired him to develop a new model for his education startup.    People often get confused by the work that we do at Light of Hope Ltd. Are we an ed-tech […]

FS Weekly Review #27

Ayrin Saleha Ria works at Future Startup as a full-time Research Associate. She has a background in Applied Sociology. Before joining the FS team, she worked and volunteered with a number of social organizations. As someone who comes from a social science background, she takes a deep interest in research around important social-economic challenges in our society. A voracious reader, Ayrin is passionate about working for the betterment of society, takes a deep interest in human society and behavioral science, and loves books.

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