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Building An Online Women Fashion Business In Bangladesh With Arnob Mustafa and Tanzia Nasrin, Founders, Leisfita

Aug 27, 2019
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Founded by husband-wife duo Tanzia Nasrin and Arnob Mustafa, Leisfita, sells exclusive designer jewelry and women fashion items online. Originally founded in 2012 as a Facebook page, the company went through multiple phases of metamorphosis over the past years. Today, it has evolved into a niche ecommerce player with a strong brand following in the women's fashion category.

We recently caught up with Tanzia Nasir and Arnob Mustafa to learn about their path to entrepreneurship, how LeisFita got started, what is LeisFita and how it operates, how Leisfita has evolved and grown from a mere idea into a company with a growing customer base, the state of Leisfita’s business today and its ambition going forward, what does it take to grow a business, challenges of being a founder, lessons they have learned so far and much more.

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