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Homegrown Digital Communication Company GEEKY Social Turns 4!

People love telling tales of their grandeur on any given day. It gives them a sense of social security in the form of recognition and approval, and it is all the more prominent on a digital platform.

Four years ago, Geeks united with Social butterflies to incorporate GEEKY Social Limited. Starting off as the GEEKY Social Advantage, they aimed to swoop the opportunity to tell stories on a relatively new platform, which is the digital media. Creating extraordinary examples of driving sales and brand awareness, while perfecting the internal operational team, GEEKY Social concocted a super-brew-of-a-kind, consisting of two key ingredients: the right team and a meaningful target.

Although GEEKY Social has been testing the waters and experimenting with the business model for a while, 17th June 2019 marks the 4th year of the day they emerged as a corporation, the journey they have embarked upon. Starting from a roundtable shared workspace, GEEKY Social has become a full-fledged advertising agency that caters to all communication needs of a 21st-century brand. With fully developed tech team, passion-driven designers and content creators, GEEKY Social has dedicated to R&D and come up with a new product, SMEVai which aims to provide marketing solutions to SMEs and startups in Bangladesh.

Unlike many startups in Bangladesh, GEEKY Social is a completely homegrown company, funded, built and run by Bangladeshi Geeks and Social butterflies, which ensures full jurisdiction and control over how the company operates. Calling the shots is much more efficient when you’re a consumer in the market operated in.

95% of startups fail worldwide every year. While it is discouraging to many aspiring entrepreneurs, GEEKY Social is an example of success, which only believed in calculative risks and the power of communication. Starting with just two co-founders and one full-time employee, GEEKY Social has doubled the team size every year, creating job opportunities for people regardless of their academic backgrounds, results and every other stereotype.

GEEKY Believes in the power of ownership, creativity, and dedication to the task at hand. Among many of their seemingly eccentric recruitment decisions counts CA professionals turning graphic designers, Electrical Engineers turning motion graphic experts and business graduates turning content writers! What keeps people awake at night are the real dreams, the things they’re passionate about, and GEEKY Social has taken that dream from people, giving it wings.

GEEKY Social today stands a team of 50 members strong and has multiple awards and accolades under their belt. Starting from FMCG brands like Dan Cake, Igloo and Pran UHT Milk, to global giants of the hospitality industry like InterContinental Dhaka, to the revolutionists of the service industry, Sheba.XYZ and innumerable e-commerce platforms, GEEKY Social currently holds a position on the Agency Directory at Facebook and has bagged international awards being the best digital marketing agency of the year in 2018.

A startup advertising agency that bootstraps itself, understands the market and optimizes each individual’s true potential says a lot about how a Bangladeshi homegrown startup can succeed, and how foreign funding is not a predetermining factor for a startup's success.

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