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FS Weekly Review #18

Jun 22, 2019
Zantrik and Loop Get Into Accelerating Asia’s Inaugural Accelerator Cohort

Brief Accelerating Asia, a Singapore-based regional network of startups and an early-stage venture capital fund, has announced the names of 10 startups that made into its inaugural cohort of the accelerator program. Among the 10 startups, two Bangladeshi startups have been selected in the program. What you need to know The first cohort includes companies […]

03 Books On Mastering Startup Fund Raising From Venture Capital Firms

Raising money is a challenge for every first-time entrepreneur. Even if you are a veteran entrepreneur, it is a tall order to deal with VCs because “capital raising process is asymmetric for entrepreneurs in that they do it a few times in their career and VCs do it every day.” There is pitch meetings, negotiation […]

Understanding The Proposed Public Issue Rule Changes

Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission recently proposed a lockup provision of 3 years for all shareholders in the cap-table pre-IPO amidst volatility and bearish sentiment in stock markets, provoking such demand from stock exchanges. The policy will have wide-ranging implications to the budding startupscene as well as impact the broad economy. Prior to commenting […]

Kormo, Business of Online Job Portal, And Lessons In Leadership: An Interview With Bickey Russell, Founding Member, Area 120, Google

Bickey Russell is a founding member of Area 120 at Google, where he helps build products for emerging markets and leads Kormo, a new kind of jobs and career development service for emerging markets. Kormo was first launched in Bangladesh in September 2018 as a marketplace for urban jobs with an ambition to fix […]

Netflix Does Not Have An Office In Dhaka But Its User Base Keeps On Growing

Netflix has 148.8 million subscribers globally and expects to add another 5 million by the end of June. Netflix does not have an official presence in Bangladesh. The best thing the company has done for Bangladesh market is that it has recently acquired permission to place cache servers in Bangladesh that will improve the experience of its users in Bangladesh.

Startup Weekly #01: Stories of 5 Startups

Startup Weekly #01: Stories of 5 Startups

On The Beauty Of Mundane And Overlooked

When thinking outside the box becomes too mainstream, thinking inside the box is an act of extreme courage, almost.

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Ayrin Saleha Ria is an undergrad student currently studying Applied Sociology at ASA University Bangladesh. She takes a deep interest in human society and behavioral science and loves reading. She works at FS as a Community Management Fellow and writes about interesting companies.

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