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Bdjobs Launches Overseas Jobs Site Bdeshjobs In Collaboration With IOM, the country’s largest online job portal, has introduced a new independent jobs site for overseas jobs in Bangladesh aptly named Bdeshjobs. The initiative, a collaboration between Bdjobs and International Organization For Migration, aims to make it easier for Bangladeshis to find overseas jobs.

Foreign remittance sent by migrants workers abroad is one of the strongest pillars of the economy of Bangladesh. According to ILO, each year, more than 400,000 workers leave Bangladesh for overseas employment. Access to information before migration is among the toughest challenges these migrant workers face. “Lack of information on migration opportunities” is among the challenges migrant workers endure. They leave the country without learning much about what they would be doing, how much they would earn and so on.

This offers a huge opportunity to solve a problem that affects a lot of people who play an important role in the economy of Bangladesh. This new initiative from Bdjobs and IOM should help solve a real problem for these people who get so little from their country for which they do a tremendous amount.

BDjobs has been looking for new windows of growth for a while now. The company has been pushing into specialized skilled jobs, blue-collar job market for a while now in order to find new growth levers. Bdeshjobs should offer a new opportunity to that end.

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