Microsoft Gets Serious About Its Cloud Business In Bangladesh, Announces First Cloud Innovation Summit In Dhaka

Apr 24, 2019

Microsoft Bangladesh has announced today that it will host first Microsoft Cloud Innovation Summit in Dhaka on 29th April 2019 at Bangabandhu International Conference Center. The day-long summit plans to explore themes around cloud, Microsoft products, Azure, cloud innovation, cloud & cybersecurity, and a financial sector focused breakout session on banking in the digital age. “In the age of business transformation, connecting people, products, ecosystems, and ideas are vital to success—and technology plays a critical role. Microsoft Cloud Innovation Summit is your opportunity to pose the tough questions you’ve always wanted to ask and get insights directly from technology and industry experts” the company wrote in an email sent to industry insiders.

Cloud has become a new frontier of competition for tech giants of late. While Amazon’s AWS continues to lead the cloud market globally, Microsoft and Google have become serious contenders in the past few years. To be accurate, Microsoft has experienced tremendous cloud business growth in the past few years backed by its many years of enterprise experiences. A year ago, the company made organizational-level changes to better capitalize on its cloud business. In the last quarter of 2018, the company saw an 89% growth in its cloud revenue.

Microsoft has been active in Dhaka’s growing cloud infrastructure market. It has a pretty long list of distributors who sell Azure in Dhaka. Hosting Cloud Innovation Summit in Dhaka for the first with a focus on Azure is an indication that the company is paying serious attention to Dhaka's cloud market.

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Sadia Tasmia is an undergrad student currently studying Finance at Dhaka University. She works at FS as a Trainee Analyst (Intern), meets entrepreneurs and makers, and writes about technology, entrepreneurship, and interesting companies.

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