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Digital Tax Processing Platform BDTax Is Changing How You Pay Tax In Bangladesh

Bdtax.com.bd is Bangladesh’s first award-winning online tax preparation, processing, and submission platform. Founded by Zulfikar Ali and Shah Rahman, the company started its journey in August 2017 with a vision to provide an easy online platform for taxpayers in Bangladesh to prepare and submit their returns. Currently, 35000 users use BDTax.com.bd platform to prepare their income tax returns.

The current version of the platform allows taxpayers to prepare their return online, download it and then submit the return in their NBR tax circle or at the tax fairs.

BDTax aims higher. The company is working on a plan to offer a 100% digital service in the 2019-2020 tax season where taxpayers can prepare, submit and pay their taxes online. BDTax Founder and CEO Mr. Zulfikar Ali said that it will tremendously help both the taxpayers to pay their return easily and hassle-free and Bangladesh government to increase income tax revenue.

How BDTax works

BDTax.com.bd is a self-guided software. Once a taxpayer registers and logs in with their email address, the software asks a series of easy to understand questions related to their finances and based on the answers BDTax system auto calculate their tax in real time. Taxpayers don’t need any knowledge of the income tax codes. BDTax software engineers worked with reputed tax lawyers and implemented the tax codes in the systems based on the NBR Paripatra.

Every year the system is updated with the latest tax codes once the Paripatra is published. The system is also audited by reputed CA firm for 100% accuracy. You can register with bdtax.com.bd with your Facebook account or an email address. Taxpayers can also contact BDTax via live chat support during regular business hours and during tax season 8 am to 2 am.

Starting 2019-2020 tax season, taxpayers can prepare and submit their taxes 100% online. BDtax.com.bd team is diligently working with NBR technical team regarding this integration.
People behind BDTax

BDtax.com.bd is founded by tech entrepreneur Zulfikar Ali, who has 17 years of software engineering and business development experience and Shah Rahman, a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur and cloud computing expert, who is the Technical co-founder of the company.

The company is now a team of 15 people that includes software engineers, support and legal personnel who are working diligently to prepare bdtax.com.bd for an estimated 20 million eligible taxpayers in Bangladesh.

CEO Zulfikar Ali said that they are planning to scale up to 30 personal by the end of 2019 to support the growing demand of Bangladesh’s only online income tax preparation software.


Within a very short amount of time bdtax.com.bd has received multiple national awards. In 2017 they became champion in the National Startup Award in Dhaka Division organized by the ICT ministry and sponsored by Grameen Phone and UBER. In 2018, they became champion in FinTech category in the BASIS National ICT Award.

The Future

BDTax aims to make paying tax as simple as possible for the taxpayers. In 2019, the company aims to integrate with the NBR systems so that taxpayers can prepare, submit and pay their taxes 100% online. The company aims to serve 100,000 taxpayers in 2019.

Along with the expansion of its platform, BDTax has also been working on scaling up and training their support team so taxpayers can receive real-time and accurate tax related support via their online chat support.

Cover photo: BDTax Facebook Page

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