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Lessons From WebAble

February 27, 2019
In 2013, digital was slowly becoming a thing in Bangladesh. It was yet to be a mainstream thing, but a sense of ‘morning shows the day’ was there. Ovick Alam and Shadab Mahbub could feel the change in the air. Although both of them studied business at Dhaka University, technology was a common fascination. They saw an opportunity to do something in the digital marketing space. Anis Hannan Chowdhury, another avid tech enthusiast, joined them shortly. Thus WebAble was born in 2013. Since then Dhaka has seen many digital marketing companies come and go but WebAble remains - steady and strong. From a small operation of 6 people in its early days, WebAble has grown to 70 people team in less than five years. Digital marketing is a hyper-competitive space in Dhaka. There is a perception in the market that starting and building a digital marketing agency is relatively inexpensive. A steady torrent of new companies enter digital marketing space every year and perish at an equally fast pace. So when a new digital marketing agency enters the market, people seldom care. Broadly, digital marketing agencies seldom draw serious attention from the industry. WebAble has proved otherwise.

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