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Rubik Print Eyes To Disrupt Design And Printing Industry In Bangladesh

FS Brief

  • Rubik Print, a design and printing ecommerce startup, has formally launched its operation in Dhaka with an ambition to help entrepreneurs and startups create and subsequently get delivered modern, world-class design and premium level printing of business supplies to their doorsteps without hassle, said a press release.
  • Using Rubik Print, you can select from hundreds of ready-made designs, be it a business card or mug or any stationeries for your business and get it printed and delivered to your place from the comfort of your office or home. Rubik Print offers custom design option and you also can upload your own design and get it printed and delivered to your destination. Rubik Print covers all major metropolitan areas nationwide.

FS Insight

Businesses, specially new startups, often need to spend a large portion of their time and effort in miscellaneous business activities like promotion design, supplies, interior etc because of an apparent disconnect in the market when it comes to availing these services, while the ideal scenario should be they directly addressing their products and business all the time and effort they have. If you need business supplies such as business card and other designs, the traditional way is you personally to visit scruffy places and waste valuable time which should be invested in developing your own core products and business. This is the problems that the Rubik Print aims to solve. Rubik Print is founded with the vision to take away this hassle and contribute to improving productivity in the country’s economy by helping businesses to operate more efficiently.

Rubik Print offers a modern, world-class collection of designs and premium level printing solution of business supplies i.e. business cards, envelope, voucher, money receipt, mug, t-shirt, wall sticker, glass sticker, PVC, banner etc. in a single ecommerce platform to save time and effort our idea makers. Formally launched in Dhaka on January 27th, Rubik Print is working relentlessly to live up to its commitments.

Rubik print is already offering over hundreds of product designs of several categories with customization options. Printing industry has been a prominent industry in our country from the colonial era, and it has shifted its form with technological advancement and immense competition over the centuries. CEO of Rubik Print, S.M. Waliullah explained his vision of the next big thing in the printing industry, “Look we know the market is quite big and the competition is fierce. And we’ve seen a notion of ‘Urgency’ in our competitors to provide cheap and quick products. That’s why the quality of printing is inevitably compromised. We want to break that. Rubik print deeply cares about quality assurance and consistency in the design of its clients. With our years of experience in branding, Rubik Print can become your personal printing assistant”.

Chief Business Development officer of Rubik Print, Mugdho Sapiens explained the function of Rubik Print, “Customers MUST have all the options available. Rubik Print is quite serious about it. You don’t have any design? We have a collection of hundreds of designs, Select from it. Do you want to design yourself? We’ve made a canvas on the website to help customers do just that. Do you already have a good design? Send it to us. We will print and provide for you. We don’t know where our future lies, but our customer base is idea makers and innovators of their respective fields. And Rubik Print believes that customers should be treated like highness.”

What you need to know

  • Rubik Print is offering design and premium printing solution through website and f-commerce. Printing Goods, Stationeries, Marketing Elements; you can find it with the world-class consistent design from Rubik Print.
  • Rubik Print covers all major metropolitan areas nationwide. Just pay 50% of product and shipping in advance. Your order will come to your door. Simple and Convenient.
  • If you don’t have a design, select from their collection. If you already have your design, upload or send it to them. If you want to design yourself immediately, Rubik Print has provided a designer canvas for you to design yourself and order.
  • You can pay via any major mobile payment methods like bKash, Rocket or you can use VISA. Mastercard as well.

Why it matters

“We’ve made your hassled way obsolete. Simple," says S.M. Waliullah. Rubik Print has big plans for upcoming days. The startup has developed some very cool and useful features in designer canvas, design collection and design upload structure, done right it is likely to take the company far.

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