PriyoShop Turns 7

PriyoShop Turns 7

PriyoShop, one of the earliest online retail startups in Dhaka, has turned 7 this month. Founded by Asikul Alam Khan in 2013, the company started its journey out of a 600 sq. ft. office and with a tiny 3-member team. Initially, it focused on 3C products (computers, communications, and consumer) and today it is one of the leading players in all-in-one ecommerce marketplace space. From a humble beginning, has come a long way.

Today, through its business-to-consumer direct online marketplace platform, PriyoShop offers clothing, fashion accessories, electronics, gadget, bikes, home appliances, daily needs products and everything in between. holds inventory and sells directly to consumers. It is one of the earliest ecommerce players in the country to invest in in-house logistics. Its logistics operation now manages its own delivery in Dhaka and adjacent areas. The company says it handles thousands of transactions daily.

As one of the early players in the industry, has benefited from the structural growth of Bangladesh’s commerce industry and a growing online shopping adoption among consumers. Over the past few years, it has seen steady growth.

Although Asikul Alam Khan funded the company out of his pocket in the first few years of its operation, Priyoshop has raised a meaningful amount of seed investment in the last two years from some of the prominent tech personalities in the country.

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