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Founder@Work: Ali Imam, Asif Khan, Khandakar Safwan Saad, Founders, EDGE AMC Limited

Jan 2, 2019

Founders of EDGE AMC Limited, And EDGE Research And Consulting Limited, Ali Imam, Asif Khan, and Khandakar Safwan Saad, share how they started EDGE AMC And EDGE Research And Consulting and their journey to entrepreneurship, their ambition to change the capital market investment management in Bangladesh and democratize benefits of capital market, how EDGE operates as a company, the state of its business today, challenges and the future plans, talk about stock market investment, years of sweats and bloods behind putting together EDGE, the entrepreneurial imperatives, discuss how they make decisions, challenges they have faced, and lessons they have learned from their journey so far and much more.

This is a sublime and an intellectually invigorating read in its entirety. We hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did.

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