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FS Weekly Digest: Top 06 Stories From Last Week

Dec 1, 2018

1. BRAC Announces Winners For Urban Innovation Challenge 2018: Meet The 5 Urban Innovators

BRAC Announces Winners For Urban Innovation Challenge 2018. This is the second time BRAC is organizing Urban Innovation Challenge, a program designed to incubate and support early-stage social enterprises developing innovative solutions to the growing challenges faced by the people living in cities across Bangladesh. The grand finale of the Urban Innovation Challenge was organized at the BRAC Centre on Monday, 27th November 2018.

2. 7 Must-Learn Insights About Bangladesh’s Startup Ecosystem 2018

2018 has been a very different year for the startup community in Bangladesh for many reasons. After a long period of mainly rhetoric, we have come to see some meaningful events to take place. Relatively big investment rounds have happened. Startup has increased in number. Tech has attracted a lot of serious attention and much more.

3. Future Startup’s Top 17 Startup Profiles Of 2018

Our top 18 most popular Startup Stories of 2018 featuring fascinating companies in Bangladesh such as Kidz Diaper, Praava Health, LightCastle Partners, Dorpon, Telenor Health, CloudWell, Pathao, Field Buzz, and many more.

4. Ride-hailing Companies In Bangladesh Should Get Ready For A Greater Public And Regulatory Scrutiny

As the technology industry grows in Dhaka, an increasing number of people as well regulators are waking up to a new world of business that is fundamentally different from the one that they are used to.

5. Telenor Health and Sheba Enters Into An Agreement And What It Means For Both Companies

Telenor Health has signed an agreement with, an online based marketplace devoted to providing the best quality service,

6. Future Startup’s Top 20 eCommerce Stories Of 2018

top 20 most popular eCommerce Stories of 2018: Styline Collection, Walton, Chaldal, Meena Bazar, Dorpon, Shwapno, Ajkerdeal, Pickaboo, Backpack, Shadmart and more

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