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With The Help Of VR Bproperty Allows Its Users To Take Virtual Tour Of Properties Without Leaving Their Homes

bproperty.com, the country’s largest real estate marketplace with currently over 20,000 active properties for rent and sale is further strengthening the services it offers to all parties, buyers and tenants, landlords and property owners by launching the country’s first use of virtual reality to showcase real estate options, allowing people to view properties from the comfort of their own home.

bproperty.com is focused on bringing confidence to the real estate industry for all parties, through improving the access to valid and accurate property information as well as solving those challenging practical issues which has for many years led to an inefficient experience when solving your property requirement and this move into virtual reality is the latest service enhancement of bproperty.com to solve these challenges and bring landlords and end-users together onto a single, secure platform.

For the very first time in Bangladesh, bproperty.com has incorporated 360-degree virtual tours of properties. Viewers can now look at and walk through the property of their choice from the comfort of their own home. They can control the camera in all directions and zoom in and out of the room, allowing them to visualize living in that property. Additional rooms and areas of the property can be selected through the menu on the left side of the screen. Options at the top let you select your personalized preferences and there is even the choice to enable VR for those with a VR headset or setup.

bproperty Virtual reality in action | Image by bproperty
bproperty Virtual reality in action | Image by bproperty

This new feature provides a previously unheard of convenience for those looking to acquire property; being able to save time, energy and money by not having to physically visit every single property. Importantly as well, this service benefits landlords and property sellers as well. This provides property owners with an efficient and effective means of showcasing their beautiful property to be more attractive to these potential consumers, which improves the speed of selling or renting the property

A major advantage for both parties is this 360-degree virtual tour feature which is creating a sense of transparency that builds goodwill between everyone involved. The feature is currently available on over 1000 Dhaka based listings available on the website, with more being added every day. The option to experience this tour can be accessed by selecting property on the website, www.bproperty.com, listing and clicking on the ‘virtual tour’ tab on the image of the property.

bproperty.com strives to engage the real estate scene and create confidence in people. Whilst it is still a new concept to access real estate information online, Bangladesh is quickly seeing the benefits of this access in helping solve their real estate requirements and bproperty.com is at the heart of this change in the industry. Pictures and videos add to the validity of a property. Innovative features like the 360-degree virtual tour bolster this confidence by enhancing immersion. And the best thing is that bproperty.com promises to bring more new and innovative features to the market; for both consumers and the real estate market as a whole.

bproperty.com is a full-service real estate marketplace in Bangladesh, combining an easy to use platform for property searching as well as a fully advised, face to face, real estate solution to support all real estate stakeholders to make informed decisions in regards to real estate as well as ensuring their objectives - whether it be buying or selling, renting or letting - are met. It is part of the Emerging Markets Property Group which also owns and operates market-leading real estate businesses in the sub-continent, Middle East and North Africa. To know more log on to www.bproperty.com

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