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FS Weekly Digest: Top 04 Stories From Last Week

Nov 10, 2018

1. ONE Bank Launches Mobile Financial Service OK Wallet

ONE Bank Limited has joined the race for digital banking and payment domination in Dhaka. The private sector commercial bank said in a statement that it has launched its mobile wallet and digital payment service OK wallet. The ambition is to provide convenient services to its core banking customers and while also taking banking and payment services to a wider group of customers.

2. Pathao And Financial Services

In what to be the first collaborative rider financing in the country, BRAC Bank and Pathao signed an agreement to finance motorbikes for Pathao rider on October 30th, 2018. Pathao has been working on bike financing for a while now in different forms. Previous financing initiatives were more on the side of improving bike liquidity. This time it looks more like a financing service. This could be considered as the second stage of Pathao’s attempt at building financial services.

3. Inside Walton’s Renewed eCommerce Growth Plan: An Interview With Md. Tanvir Rahman, ED, Shipping & Logistics, Walton Group

Md. Tanvir Rahman, Executive Director of Shipping & Logistics at Walton Group, on his personal journey, Walton’s ecommerce strategy and ambition, how Walton is building a hyperlocal ecommerce operation using its Walton Plaza across the country as distribution network, the challenges of e-commerce, the future digital payment, the business of ecommerce, and why taking challenge is the only path to personal growth.

4. Nagad Goes All In, Postal Division Initiates Nationwide Branch Inclusion For Nagad

Postal Division has started the process of inclusion of 9886 post office branches nationwide to provide the digital financial service “Nagad” to people all around the country. The Postal Division has initiated the inclusion primarily with the district level branches. The union and village level branches will also be included in the process soon.

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