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Nagad Goes All In, Postal Division Initiates Nationwide Branch Inclusion For Nagad

Postal Division has started the process of inclusion of 9886 post office branches nationwide to provide the digital financial service “Nagad” to people all around the country. The Postal Division has initiated the inclusion primarily with the district level branches. The union and village level branches will also be included in the process soon.

Each of the branches of the postal division will be equipped to provide the service “Nagad”. The installation of branding and technological infrastructure has been initiated for this purpose. Expressing his satisfaction with the new-found enthusiasm within the postal division, Director General of the Bangladesh Postal Division Sushanta Kumar Mandal stated, “Our family of 40,000 employees are truly very excited with the digital financial service Nagad and are working spontaneously to make this initiative a success. Even the employees of the remotest regions are viewing this as their chance to contribute to the Digital Bangladesh. This digitization process of the postal division is a great achievement for us. We believe that this will contribute to the nationwide financial inclusion.”

The century old experienced organization Bangladesh Postal Division has been providing financial services for decades to the people right at their doorsteps with 9,886 branches and 40,000 employees. With the deliberation of working with technological advancement, the Postal Division introduced Postal Cash Card and Electronic Money Transfer System in 2010.

Due to the advancement of technology, the need for integrating technology with the huge infrastructure of the postal division to take the digital Bangladesh vision forward was being felt for a very long time. The digital financial service “Nagad” is the result of that requirement. Preparation for the last few months included modernization of the post offices, training the employees etc.

Director General of the Bangladesh Postal Division Sushanta Kumar Mandal also said, “The government believes that Nagad will not only reach out to the marginal population with financial services but also will assist other financial services. We believe that the nationwide infrastructure of the postal division and its 40,000 employees will greatly contribute to the cause.”

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