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Shadmart’s Parent Company Gets Into B2B Cross-border Logistics Business, Launches Shadco Express

Shadco Group, the parent company of eCommerce startup Shadmart, has launched a new air and sea shipping solution for 3rd Party companies in Bangladesh who want to import products from Chinese companies called Shadco Express. Shadco aims to simplify import from China to Bangladesh, for SME businesses in Bangladesh who already import from China and have suppliers there, by offering them an integrated shipment solution that includes paperwork, loading, and unloading, customs clearance to final delivery. It also provides online tracking solution, SMS notification, free consultation, and 12-hour customer support.

Shadco Express door to door service is designed to take the worry out of your shipment from China to Bangladesh, said Shadman Sakib, Founder of Shadmart and Shadco Express. “The service includes all the required paperwork, supervision, loading, unloading, packaging, customs clearance, and final delivery without any hassle. You are guaranteed a timely, secure, professional, and worry-free consignment of your goods.”

Companies face two major problems when it comes to importing from China 1) proper communication (e.g., whether your goods have arrived in China Warehouse or whether they have shipped the products) 2) tracking information (exact location of your goods), Shadco told FS. “When we first started our import business back in 2011 from China, we always wanted to work with a company who can give us a stress-free service, where we can focus our business, and the shipping company will handle all the import and shipping hassle from China,” Says Shadman. “Unfortunately, we couldn't find one, so we developed our own fully automated software, to give you a timely, secure, professional, and worry-free shipping service of your goods.” is a concern of Shadco Group. The group also runs the cross-border eCommerce platform, one of the fast-growing eCommerce startups in Bangladesh. Founded in 2015, Shadmart claims to have over 80+ million products on its platform.

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