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Light of Hope Gets Into Online Education, Launches Online Learning Platform For Young Parents And Teachers

Light of Hope, the Dhaka-based education startup, has launched country’s first online training portal for both young parents and school teachers. Teachers Time, the training arm of Light of Hope (LoH), has been working on to provide a life-changing professional development opportunity to bring teacher-led innovation in schools for almost two years. Now the startup decided to launch the online platform to scale up its reach towards 1.5 million school teachers and 30 million parents whose children study at the primary level.

Despite this huge demand, Bangladesh doesn’t offer many choices to individual parents and teachers to educate and develop their capacities and knowledge on child development to effective teaching. The online courses are expected to fill in that gap. Hundreds of thousands of school teachers (especially from Kindergarten, private or NGO-run schools) don’t get an opportunity to develop their basic skills as teachers. Teachers Time tends to address that gap with high quality and a low-cost professional course that will support teachers to bring amazing changes in schools.

The platform is a strategic move for the startup to include parents in the overall discussion of future of education for their children. Light of Hope’s entire focus is to improve future skills like creativity, problem-solving skills, and emotional intelligence among children. The courses on parenting focus on the importance of these future skills and how parents can help their children achieve these skills.

Light of Hope CEO, Waliullah Bhuiyan said, we are getting a good initial response from both parents and teachers. We will be focusing now to get into partnership with individual schools, institutions, organizations and obviously with the Government to bring their teachers on the platform. The platform is free now for all. But in coming days, we are going to introduce course fee and membership for schools and organizations.

The platform has few courses for both parents and teachers right now and LoH will gradually increase the number of courses on various topics and issues. Interested parents, teachers, and even schools can enroll in the available courses for free for now. Anyone can register for online courses at www.teacherstimebd.com

Teachers Time platform is part of Light of Hope’s continuous effort to bring system-level change in Bangladesh’s education system by empowering teachers so that they can bring teacher-led innovation in schools and educating parents on techniques for their children to improve their creativity and problem-solving skills.

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