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Sep 7, 2018
BYLCx Launches A New Platform With 25 Online Courses, Aims To Focus On 21st Century Skills

Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center (BYLC)’s online learning academy, BYLCx, unveiled its revamped digital learning platform and 25 courses in a launch event held at Lakeshore Hotel Yesterday. Tailored for the Bangladeshi youth, BYLCx offers specialized online courses that can help build essential skills required for effective leadership, professional development, and other in-demand 21st century skills.

A Look At Active Startup Incubators And Accelerators In Bangladesh

The number of active incubator and accelerator programs is an important indicator of the maturity and growth of a startup ecosystem.

MommyDaddyMe: A Safe Global Social Connectivity and Knowledge Sharing Platform for Children and Families

Mommydaddyme (MDM) is an online platform for children where your kids can have a secure online playground to make friends, learn from children across the world, read digital books, learn various languages, access personal profile, play educational games and much more.

How Styline Collection Has Become A Leader In Modest Fashion In Bangladesh: An Interview With Khobaib Chowdhury, Founder, Styline Collection

Styline Collection Founder and CEO, Khobaib Chowdhury, explains the growth of the modest fashion company, how Styline is building a fashion retail brand at the intersection of online and offline, how has Styline grown to where it is today, Styline’s ambition to turn itself into a lifestyle marketplace, the most important job of a CEO and why smart people should take more risk.

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