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Field Buzz Introduces Subscription-based Mobile Sales Software

Field Buzz, the Dhaka-based technology startup that develops smartphone-based last-mile sales and distribution management solutions, has introduced a subscription sales force management solution called mobile sales software.

The software, which comes with 4 modules, base module, sales module, route management module, sales, and marketing module, is Field Buzz's first attempt at trying a subscription model in Dhaka. Field received GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund, an equity-free grant funding that comes with technical assistance, and the opportunity to partner with mobile operators, from GSMA to develop the product. Field Buzz primarily aims to serve SMEs.

Founded in 2015, Field Buzz is a software system that uses smartphones to help organizations manage their remote or dispersed operations. Field Buzz is flexible enough to be used for most typical “field worker” activities such as registering customers or beneficiaries, tracking which products or services have been delivered where and to whom, tracking payments and credits, conducting surveys and evaluations/inspections, etc.

The company also helps its client customize the system to their specific needs. Over the past years, the company has experienced a significant growth in multiple markets.

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