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Global Workplace Solutions Provider Steelcase To Open First Showroom In Bangladesh, Aims To Introduce The Future of Workplaces

Jul 26, 2018

Dhaka, Bangladesh: Steelcase, the global leader in office furniture and innovative workspace solutions, will be opening its first dealer showroom in Bangladesh on 9th August, said a press release sent to FS.

Developed in partnership with Work Space Technology, the new showroom in the capital Dhaka will further strengthen the presence of Steelcase in the Asia-Pacific region. After the launch of the Sri Lanka dealership early in the year this is the 2nd country, that will have Steelcase’s presence in South Asia.

As Bangladesh is growing fast, we believe that Steelcase’s workplace solutions will help the companies, present in different sectors in Bangladesh. Though the domestic furniture market is growing at a rapid pace, the quality, especially in workplace management, lacks in-depth knowledge and research. Through its user-centric architecture, furniture and technology solutions, Steelcase helps organizations create workplaces that enable a meaningful experience, while effectively optimizing the use of space.

The upcoming showroom will open doors to local and international businesses in Bangladesh, and provide them with comprehensive workplace research, latest trends and a thorough knowledge quotient from all around the globe. The company is at the forefront of research, not only about the way people actually work but also how the workplace will look and feel in the future.

Commenting on Steelcase’s entrance into Bangladesh, Uli Gwinner, President of Steelcase Asia Pacific said, “Bangladesh is one of the fast-growing markets in Asia and we are eagerly waiting to launch the brand here. I am confident that Steelcase can help businesses in Bangladesh boost the performance of its people and organizations. With the positive economic transformation of the country in the recent years, we see immense brand potential, promise, and longevity in this market”.

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