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How To Learn From Your Mistakes

Everybody makes mistake. That’s natural. What is important is you learn from your mistakes and don’t repeat them. How do you learn from your mistakes? Do you have a system in place that allows your to draw important lessons from your mistakes? Here Adcomm Managing Director Nazim Farhan Choudhury explains his system for learning from mistakes. (You may read our interview with Mr. Farhan here.)

Enter Nazim Farhan Choudhury:

I don’t have a particular formula for dealing with mistakes. To dive into my deeds and find out the root of where I have slipped, I talk things out with my peers. I have a lengthy discussion with my friends and they would ask me questions. And as I explain, it becomes clear to me where I made a misstep.

Although I wouldn’t say that I’ve never had the urge to blame others for the mistakes I have committed. Humans are fallible after all. But even if I am partially responsible, I need to take my part of the blame and ponder over my own shortcomings. The lessons begin with accepting the responsibility for the mistake made. When you accept it, it gets easier to deal with it.

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