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Internships At Future Startup 2018

We are looking for extremely talented and hardworking young writers and students for a few internship positions at the first growing digital media and business intelligence startup Future Startup to help us write about and organize the business and tech information of Bangladesh.

Future Startup is the essential source of information, insight, and analysis on entrepreneurship and innovation economy in Bangladesh for a growing number of entrepreneurs, business and tech professionals and intellectually curious people in Bangladesh.

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Covering the entrepreneurship and innovation scene in Dhaka i.e. identify startups, companies, investors, people, trends, new developments, and events and interview entrepreneurs, professionals, and stakeholders and write intriguing stories on them.

You’ll also be responsible for distribution of these stories on social media channels and analyze the response of readers and take notes to improve.

Assist in the development of weekly and monthly content plan.

Assist in managing the FS readers community.

Desired Skills

Student/Discipline: Undergraduate or graduate students from any discipline/subject can apply. However, we prefer undergraduate students who are in their 2nd/3rd year during the time of application.

You should be passionate about writing, business, and technology industry in Bangladesh and be able to write about important companies and people behind those companies and should be able to do so in a tight deadline under pressure.

Prior writing experience in English is helpful but not necessary.

We expect self-sufficient people who can work under minimum directions and don’t require spoon-feeding and constant supervision. That said, we ensure great working experience and provide a lot of help with your work.

Right now commitment, hard work and a sense of responsibility these things are in extremely short supply in Bangladesh, we expect you to have enough of these things.

Please note that we are a startup, so expect everything to be scrappy, a lot of real hard work, flat culture, less formality and a lot of freedom. Most importantly, expect a lot of work.

Experience with Microsoft Office and Google Docs and graphic design tools, WordPress is a plus.

Intellectual curiosity and predisposition to creative problem-solving. A strong sense of urgency and the ability to prioritize and manage a complex workload.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

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This is a paid internship but if you are looking for a gig that would pay a lot, this is not it! But we can guarantee that you would enjoy the work and would be making a real difference and a lot of important connections.

The 24 weeks long internship enables young people to think critically, create powerful digital content and develop communication skill.

You will also be building valuable connections with entrepreneurs, leading business and tech professionals, startups, designers and makers of all kind.

All interns receive certificates of work experience after the successful completion of the internship. Rigorous training and feedback are provided to help them improve. If you perform exceptionally well, you might just be considered for a higher position at Future Startup.

Most importantly, your work at FS is going to make a difference. Our stories are widely read and reach thousands of people on a daily basis and are changing lives. We are building a digital platform that enables people to take initiatives in their personal and professional lives through giving them access to information, knowledge and industry connections for free resulting in entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, employment generation, and social change.


Position Title: Trainee Analyst (Intern)

Duration: 06 months

Job nature: Part-time and Paid [5 hours, 6 days week]

Remuneration: BDT 5000-8,000

Remote work option: We are a remote company. You will be working remotely, from home or anywhere for that matter, with flexible remote office hours.

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How to Apply

Please complete and submit the following form before July 25, 2018. We will get back to you by August 10, 2018.

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