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Apr 7, 2018

Pickaboo Expands, Pickaboo’s Strategy and Ambition: An Interview With Shahrear Sattar, CEO, Pickaboo

Pickaboo originally started with selling high-value electronic products, particularly mobile phones. Within a short period of time, it became the market leader in the category, a position it continues to maintain these days. Over the past two years, it has expanded to other categories. It has increased the number of products it offers within the electronics product category as well as added new product lines including daily needs, albeit in the electronic genre, fashion and beauty products. The company is now eyeing further.

How To Think About Digital: An Interview With Arifur Rahman, Head Of Digital Media, Starcom Bangladesh

In this thought provoking interview, Future Startup’s Ruhul Kader sits down with Arifur Rahman, Head of Digital Media at Starcom Bangladesh, to pick his brain about the state of digital marketing in Bangladesh, fundamentals of digital and mistakes brands often make, the art and science of digital strategy, future of marketing and business in an increasingly digital world and his take on major digital trends in the context of Bangladesh and how brands can take advantage of this new world and his tips for marketers and business on how to embrace digital and thrive in this new world.

On DBL Group’s HR Strategy and Building A Meaningful Career: An Interview With Biplab Barua, DGM, HR, DBL Group

Mr. Biplab has over 17 years of experience in the field of human resources management, mostly in RMG sector. Prior to joining DBL, he worked at Youngone Group and Bangladesh Hats and Bags Manufacturing in various important HR roles. Since joining DBL Group in 2000, Mr. Biplab has been instrumental in building a culture that produces human excellence, experimenting with new ideas to build better teams, design better policies, improve productivity to identifying better ways to help people find fulfillment at work and creating an environment of continuous learning and growth.

On-demand Electronics Service Platform Drooto Launches In Dhaka, Drooto’s Leverage And The Future Of On-demand Service

Drooto, a web and app-based on-demand service platform that aims to provide technical repairing and installation services, has launched its operation in Dhaka recently. It operates in two verticals 1) technical services 2) and express logistics service called Drooto Express through which it offers logistics service to ecommerce companies.

Startup Opportunities: GP Accelerator, GSMA Innovation Fund Accept Applications, And Scaleup Bangladesh Extends Deadline

Startup Opportunities

Demystifying Digital: An Interview With Shahriar Amin, Marketing Trainer, and Management Consultant

In this fascinating interview, Future Startup’s Ruhul Kader sits down with Shahriar Amin, prominent Marketing Trainer and Management Consultant, to pick his brain about the digital transformation, fundamentals of digital, digital marketing, future of marketing and business in an increasingly digital world and his take on major digital trends in the context of Bangladesh and how brands can take advantage of this new world.

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