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Walton Plans To Get Into PC and Computer Accessories

Nov 10, 2017

Walton, the homegrown tech manufacturing giant, is set to get into the computer and peripheral accessories business including desktop PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, pendrive, micro SD cards, Wi-Fi routers etc, said a press statement.

The company initially plans to assemble these products in its plant Walton Digi-Tech Industries in Chandra of Gazipur and sell in the local market. Eventually, the company plans to get into manufacturing which it claims will give it a price advantage over competitors in the market.

Walton started its journey in 1997 with importing black-and-white television and distribute in the local market. Over the past years, the company has outgrown many of its local contemporaries. While growing its existing portfolios, it has also successfully expanded into new domains including mobile, home appliances and more. You may check our Walton collection here.

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