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BRAC Frugal Innovation Forum 2017 Is Here: What and How To Attend

Registration for BRAC Frugal Innovation Forum 2017 - a three-day long conference packed with day-long field visits, plenaries, discussions, and debates - is open now. The Forum, scheduled from November 9th to 11th, 2017, will take place at BRAC CDM, Savar.

This year marks the fifth iteration of the forum. The first Frugal Innovation Forum took place in 2013 on the theme scaling simple solutions. Since then the forum has evolved a lot, particularly around reaching out to more stakeholders and opening up the forum to a larger audience.

The theme of this year’s forum is Scaling Quality Education, an area BRAC takes a deep interest in. BRAC has been working on education for many years now and it aims to do even more given the new reality where equitable quality education is becoming a real challenge and we are seeing a growing demand for quality education all across the country. You may read our interview with BRAC’s Senior Director Asif Saleh for further understanding here.

The ambition of this year’s forum is to bring leaders and practitioners from different fields and explore ideas, innovations and disruptive models in education that can be scaled through hybrid partnerships.

What is FIF?

The Frugal Innovation Forum sets up the space for discourse on existing best practices. Every year the forum explores innovations in the global south and connect nonprofit innovators, social entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders to catalyze lasting change with limited resources. As mentioned on BRAC’s website, “Frugal Innovation Forum is a platform for leaders from the global south to connect and explore solutions to the world’s toughest challenges. The idea of FIF is to create a platform to amplify what is already happening across the region, by bringing innovators together to learn, share and scale up low-cost models.”

According to Jaideep Prabhu, Professor of Cambridge University and co-author of Jugaad Innovation, “ .. it has created a global network of people and organizations who are working tirelessly to make the world a better place by doing more (and better) with less in South Asia and beyond.”

BRAC Social Innovation Lab has been organizing the Frugal Innovation Forum for the last 5 years on themes as diverse as Scaling Resilience to Pushing Development Boundaries to Scaling Digitally to Scaling Simple Solutions and now scaling quality education.

The forum offers a chance to experience a three day long gala of brilliant ideas and thought-provoking conversations along with an opportunity to network with leaders and practitioners from different fields. If you are interested, you may register using this link here.

Lead image by BRAC

Tashnim is a Final year-Finance major of BBA department at Bangladesh University of Professionals. His interest revolves around entrepreneurs, their stories and taking an initiative to change society. Tashnim likes to think about technology with its impact on our business and lives. Say 'hi' to him at tasnimdrmc14@yahoo.com

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